Which painting below is a forgery of a famous Charlie Russell painting?

russell-forgery2russell-painting1        Make a guess.  Send me a comment with the reasons for your choice, and I’ll give you some insight into art forgeries.

How do you know when it’s a forgery?


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  1. Hi Fairlee,
    I think the top painting is the forgery. It’s clearer and easier to see, but there is more action in the bottom picture. I looked at the horses and thought they looked more typical of Russell’s horses. There is no Russell signature, but thought it’s because the painting isn’t reproduced well enough and that is why the signature isn’t visible. I searched for those pictures on the internet and didn’t find either one. I did, however, find the “Meeting with Lewis and Clark at Ross Hole” so that was interesting.

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  3. The top image is the forgery – without question. The bottom *could* be a C.Russel but because of the resolution of the image its *possible* though IMO unlikely that that too is a forgery.

    So – top = forgery, bottom = C.Russel.

    • You got it! It’s the wonderful action in the bottom painting that distinguishes it as a Russell. The top on is stiff. Also, Russell didn’t use such vivid colors. The signatures mean very little in determining authenticity. Hope to see your comments again

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