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Every day of her life my Norwegian grandmother, Ovidia, cooked waffles for breakfast.  This is the recipe she gave me.  These are not the puffy, thick Belgian things, and they’re not the crispy tear-your-mouth-out American things—they’re soggy and DELICIOUS.

IN A BOWL                         2 cups flour

                                                pinch of salt

                                                2 heaping tsp. baking powder

                                                1 tsp. sugar

                                                1 tbs. oil

 ADD                                       2  eggs

                                                2 cups buttermilk

 Mix it all up.  Batter should be thick and pour slowly like molten lava.  I put in a drop of Mexican vanilla to make them smell good while baking.  Ovidia wouldn’t have done this.

The Joachim Beuckelaer painting above, Making Waffles, is from the mid-1500s.  Check out the guy on the right.  He seems to have something other than waffles on his mind.  And OH MY GOSH,  it looks like they’re having fish, not bacon with their waffles.




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  1. Great blog–very artistic.

    My husband has spent quite a bit of time in Norway on business and he tells me there were times he had fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He loves Norway–we both regret that I didn’t accompany him on these trips, but I always seemed to be involved in something else.

  2. Mmmmmm! sounds so good–I want to rush right out and make some waffles! (NOT with fish, though!)


    • I’m working on new Norwegian recipes. Check this one out. It’s a kick.

  3. Waffles can NEVER be a bad thing, regardless of the sidedish…

    And you know, when I make my pilgrimage over this year, I’ll have to try the fish with waffles. I wonder if they sell this at Oslo’s McDonald’s?

    As for the recipe, it sounds like Essence of Yumminess. I need to get my hubby to whip some up for me!!!

  4. Uff Da!!! The ekte Norwegians would really be upset with you for putting vanilla in your waffles. I once
    put vanilla in the whipped cream for a bløt kake and
    my Norwegian guests – being very outspoken – said, “This is NOT Norwegian!” I pulled out a couple of “current” authentic waffle recipes and noticed that they had practically the same ingredients. The one exception was that I saw some baking soda added along with the baking powder. And I’m sure the pioneers could not get their hands on cardamon.

    • Suzanne dear, here’s my latest try at Norwegian cooking specialties. Hope you find it fun.

  5. Give us another yummy recipe, Fairlee!

    • Hei Valkyrie dear, I finally got a new one. This is a doozer. Just for your hot Viking chums.

  6. It’s breakfast now. Can I order some? You must miss your grandmother…

    • Oh darn it Kitchen Scientist. We just finish breakfast and the waffle iron has chilled. Come back tomorrow. We’ll save you some.

  7. i am looking for information on old recipes like this. Thank you. I live in Denver CO. nice to see a neibor.

    • Thanks for the comment Valerie. Yes, this was my grandmother’s recipe. She was from Noway and cooked these waffles every day of her life. I’m only a recent transplant to Boulder. I’m enjoying it!

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