Rethel the Archer


Enough of Steinbeck.  It’s these hot Viking types that are now giving me inspiration.  Here’s my favorite.  Rethel the Archer.  My gosh, he may be gray but he’s  not too old to be the 5th warrior to commit and take the bone from that nasty old seer, The Angel of Death.

Guess why I’m so taken with Rethel?  It’s because he keeps his mouth shut.  Only one line during the entire odyssey: “no wall, no moat, not even a presentable fence.”  And with this, he sums up the whole situation.  Bravo Rethel!

My saying for the day:  A book should be an axe to the frozen sea within us.   Some Viking should have said this.




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  1. At last, a post about some Barbarian Hotness. You GO, girl!

    As for his comment, well, think about it. Those are the exact words I’d love for my Barbarian Hotness to say about ME!!!!

    Ha! Don’t be a stranger!

  2. There’s always been something about vikings that intriged me. A warrior society, like the Spartans of Greece. I never new much of the vikings religion, except what I saw in “Max Payne”. The only way to get to heaven was in battle, a soldiers angel takes home only the righteous dead. I like that. But recently, my girl got me THE BOOK OF RUNES, and the RUNES themselves. I highly recomend the objects to almost anyone, but if your a true solder then do yourself a favor, and check them out.

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