Did you know that the historical U.S. buffalo population had twice the carbon footprint of today’s dairy industry.

I’ll bet you never thought about it, did you? Well, this news comes from Robert Hagevoort, Ag Sense columnist, at New Mexico State University. I had to consult Wickipedia to make sure I knew what a carbon footprint was in the first place.

Carbon footprints are a little like women’s shoe sizes: the smaller the better. A tiny carbon footprint is better than a great big hulking footprint. And what this is really all about are those dreaded green house gas emissions. 

Gosh darn it, quit being so sad about the buffalo. If those forty million bison were still hanging around on the grassy plains of North America, wouldn’t we be in a pickle? 

The last Sioux hunt was in 1883 and Eunie’s Blog on early day hunting stories gives us some grim details of General George Crook’s sportsmanship. 

So, not to worry when you read farm animals produce more greenhouse gases than the world’s entire transport system.


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  1. So if you BBQ some buffalo meat, does that INcrease or DEcrease the buffalo’s carbon footprint?

    Of course, we’re assuming the use of mesquite chips in the smoker, indirect heat for about 10 hours. 🙂

  2. Well, I’ll be darned! Who ever would have thunk it.
    So if those millions of buffalo still roamed, they’d really mess up the air quality, not to mention make big splatters when our cars ran ’em down. Interesting, Fairlee. We can always count on you to come up with original ideas.
    I’m about waaaaaaaaaaaay behind in reading others blogs, and although I do try to keep current with yours, I’ve missed several, so am catching up now. Eunie Boeve

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