Charlie Russell’s Ghost Horse

Charlie Russell never gave up his Cowboy Image. He let be known around Great Falls, Montana that his beloved horse, Monte, had been a Crow Indian buffalo pony. This is the story he told.


A Blackfeet warrior named Calf Rope stole the pony from the Crow Indians one night. Trouble was, while Calf Rope was escaping with the pony, he was killed. So—as was Indian custom—Calf Rope’s fellow Blackfeet warriors shot the pony so Calf Rope’s spirit wouldn’t have to walk in his afterlife.


But—the damned pony survived the bullet wound and became what the Indians call a GHOST HORSE. Since the pony was supposed to be dead, no Indian would ride him. The pony’s medicine was too strong.


So—the Indians played a trick on Charlie, a tenderfoot white boy newly arrived from St. Louis. They sold him the horse.


Is the story true? It sure makes Charlie appear to have strong medicine, doesn’t it?



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  1. This is the kind of story that I hope is true, for it has that trickster quality to it that I applaud.


  2. I love Charlie Russell’s story of his horse. Sounds perfectly plausible to me. I bet he got a big kick out of telling it, too. Eunie

  3. Hi Fairlee:
    Dawna Randy gave me the address for your site. My wife, Inger, is from Norway, and when we moved to Texas we discovered Norwegians came here before the Civil War. I’ve written a book, “Undaunted: A Norwegian Woman in Frontier Texas” about Elise Waerenskjold, an extraordinary person and early women’s rights who came to Texas to escape conditions at home. I’m hoping you will reply to this because I think we would have a lot to talk about on Norwegians in America and Norwegian history. By the way, although I’m honored to have the same name as Charlie Russell, I can’t claim to be from his family. In Texas he is greatly respected. Best regards, Charlie R

    • I’ll look for your book Charlie. Thanks for the comment. Remember Leif Erikson Day – Oct. 9

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